notes from the hill and other works
solo and duo with Antoine Beuger
cosy nook, London

January 12

Cafe Oto, London

January 9, 2019


new release may 2018 : nosongs, Edition Wandelweiser 1802

These most tenuous of songs are also song at its most compelling.

review by Nathan Thomas / fluid radio

The wire

CD Tipp Klassik/Thomas Meyer


der blumen by Sotto Voce Vocal Collective

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Portrait von Stefan Drees
Imaginäre Narrative
Marianne Schuppes vokale Kunst der feinen Übergänge

in : Neue Zeitschrift für Musik 03/17


Marianne Schuppe,
10.09.2017, 04:57
Marianne Schuppe,
30.05.2018, 02:40