Thut - Schuppe - Kilchenmann
play works by themselves

Marianne Schuppe, Voice
Stefan Thut, Cello
Marc Kilchenmann, Bassoon and microtonal chimes

June 11, Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich

uploaded recently on soundcloud Die Summe, ZeitRäume 2019


released may 2018 : nosongs, Edition Wandelweiser 1802

These most tenuous of songs are also song at its most compelling.

review by Nathan Thomas / fluid radio

The wire

CD Tipp Klassik/Thomas Meyer

review by John Eyles in All about Jazz


Portrait von Stefan Drees
Imaginäre Narrative
Marianne Schuppes vokale Kunst der feinen Übergänge

in : Neue Zeitschrift für Musik 03/17


Marianne Schuppe,
10.09.2017, 04:57
Marianne Schuppe,
30.05.2018, 02:40