slow songs (2013-2015)

I see a deer

I see a deer in a shield
behind the trees in my sight
he is simply

not to be here with my kind

wondering to be

just between

on his shoulder he carries some light

with an opening

I haven't seen

him for long on his chair

on his Hochsitz

even though it is

pouring away some rain to

wipe out the writings in time

cables go through

no rare earth to lure him

some batteries are with some risk

some gazellas are with shields

as one colour

is amended

he is standing kind of



the expected condensationdate I don't know by heart
the specific formations are not decided yet
flowers joining the embedded ones
how do you look at it right here today
they are like slow trains seen from above the lands
this time they have to show their passports
to go heavenwards or to meet the waiting ones


needles were out in some region
leaving their nettles over earthlike

plenty of lateness to see
since I owe them some acquaintance to

where some are in lightness

fish are not jumping

no cotton I can see

neither high

for once

kill me not in this
hotel room
plenty of visitors

carrying their sunhats

and cameras

purpose of swimming

can you tell

fathers & feathers

my fathers are falling from feathered hills
my fathers are four dots and freckles
my fathers are fathers of the mice
my fathers are some books and freckles
my fathers are one my fathers are two
like from some lookout some are stirring the ground up
my fathers are light of senses
some grow up to four feet high
my fathers are feathers are freckles
I lie to them once in a while
want to retail some overprinted views
fathers are feathers
my organ lets them go in running streets
where fall does fall in pieces
fading out the freckles
find them for there are lots of spells
when we are not in the rye


nor silent, kind or real are things in thinking
stored in my buildings
turn three walls to see hills
ask, ask things
keys under flowerpots
where we are not seeing reasons to seek under
in so we are normally nervous
just a nervousness, just nervous
about this pronounciation
in supermarkets we buy our computers
to control pronounciation and exclamation marks

pretty ride

pretty ride upon
something in a word
wordless war to be not aware
I like to describe it like this
where my mind is within fingers or toes
catch them in a field
or to allow it to yourself
a foreign language means
some other invitation
this is how I see it


cores are
cores are
cores are bones not

strange all wills

strange all wills

readers are poles

in cold poles is hot sitting in waters

where is the water

where is it sprinkling

out of my hair

chairs are necessary here

I know
I know
I don't mind


pipes, hours
trennen diese
Scharen ziehen

keine Spuren
von Blasen
politische Zeichen sind
manchmal erwünscht
sagt Erika
in ihrer Bibliothek
kein Zögern

kostet sie
ein Wimpernzucken
am Schluß
ist es nichts
als ein Wimpernzucken
sagt sie

split away

split away in small ways
cook the south

split away in small ways

dig the snow

split away in small ways

eat the trace

split away in small ways

see the doubt

split away in small ways

handle the scout

split away in small ways

feed no speed to the bushes

move on