Marianne Schuppe is a singer, writer and composer working across music and language. She continually develops her work through improvisation, performance and writing. Her prime interest lies in the voice's ability to move between pure sound and words as well as in multilinguism.

She studied visual arts and music in Hildesheim/Germany and extendeded her vocal studies in South India (Kalakshetra Academy), Switzerland (Jolanda Rodio) and Italy (Michiko Hirayama).

She often works solo, but also collaborated with composers Caroline Wilkins, Roland Dahinden, Michael Maierhof, Hans-Jürg Meier, Antoine Beuger and with ensembles such as Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Phönix Basel and Basel Sinfonietta.

As an improvisor she collaborated in various formations and plays presently with Alfred Zimmerlin in duo.

In the context of visual arts and performance, partners were Dorothea Schürch, Andrea Wolfensberger, Renée Levi, Dias&Riedweg among others. She took part in radioplays, -features and -discussions and published several essays about here observations of voice and singing.

As a soloist she recorded the vocal-cycles of Giacinto Scelsi (New Albion 2006), Three Voices by Morton Feldman (col legno 2007) and her own works (edition wandelweiser). Further recordings with ensembles were released with variuos labels.

She teaches singing and improvisation at various institutions, worked as a voice- teacher in Germany, Switzerland and Japan and is a guest-lecturer at FHNW University of Music in Basel. This practical experience has led to the development of individual projects with people and voices and resulted in several commissioned works.

She lives in Basel, where she curates a concert series as president of the IGNM Basel.

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copyright Ute Schendel

Marianne Schuppe, Sängerin, Improvisatorin und Komponistin, arbeitet an den Übergängen von Musik und Sprache.

Studierte Bildende Kunst und Musik, weitere Gesangsstudien in Südindien (Kalakshetra Akademie), der Schweiz (Jolanda Rodio) und Italien (Michiko Hirayama).

Neben ausgedehnter solistischer Arbeit Kollaborationen mit Komponistinnen wie Caroline Wilkins, Michael Maierhof, Roland Dahinden, Hans-Jürg Meier, Antoine Beuger, Solistin mit Ensembles wie dem Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Phönix, Basel Sinfonietta.

Improvisierte Musik in diversen Formationen, zur Zeit im Duo mit Alfred Zimmerlin. Interdisziplinäre und performative Kollaborationen.

Kompositionen für heterogene vokale Formationen.

Cd Veröffentlichungen u.a. bei New Albion, col legno, edition wandelweiser, Buch- und Zeitschriftenbeiträge.

Dozentin für Gesang und Improvisation an diversen Institutionen und viele Jahre lang regelmässig in Zürich, Tokyo und München.

Vorstandsmitglied und seit 2015 Präsidentin der IGNM Basel.

Lebt in Basel und in den Vogesen.

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Marianne Schuppes vokale Kunst der feinen Übergänge - Portrait von Stefan Drees
in : Neue Zeitschrift für Musik 03/17

Portrait auf
Espais oberts/
Catalunya Radio June 28, 2016

Die Indianer kommen näher, Ein Gespräch in Emails mit Michael Kunkel, dissonanz #106 Juli 2009

Reflexe DRS 2, Corinne Holtz im Gespräch mit Marianne Schuppe, 
3. April 2007